Keep Your Family Organized

Use our Family SmartHub to manage family life, with everything from shopping lists to a fun reward system for chores.

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Shopping Lists

Use our Shopping Lists and allow all family members to keep track of the groceries you need.

But it doesn't stop with just groceries. Create additional lists to keep track of the kids' (or your!) wish list for christmas.

Or why not the stuff you'd like to buy for the new home office?

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Plan Weekly Menu

With our Weekly Menu you can easily keep track of the meals planned for the week. Add breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts. Even snacks!

You can optionally specify the chef for each meal and keep track of who is doing what. That way there will never be confusion about who is cooking dinner.

You can even attach a link to a receipe you've found on the Internet. Then when it is time to cook, quickly get to the recipe and start cooking!

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Makes Chores Fun

Having trouble getting everyone to do their chores?

With our Missions & Rewards you can make chores fun. Family members complete missions which earns them points. An adult always need to confirm that the missions was successful (no cheating!).

The points earned from completed missions can then be used to buy rewards. Perhaps dinner at your favorite restaurant? Or a day at the zoo?

After a reward as been confirmed by a parent, the points are deducted from the members account. Want more? Complete more missions!

Parents can create whatever Missions and Rewards they choose, and set whatever points they deem fit.

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Movie Nights

Spending time as a family is important.

With Movie Nights you can keep track of quality time with the family. Select which day the movie night should occur on and then each member will be assigned their movie night. They get to pick the movie, food and the snack to go along the movie.

Instead of trying to agree upon what to eat or what to watch every time, you all get your own dedicated movie night. Simple, right?

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Keep Track of Sickness

It is never fun when someone in the family gets sick. Let us make it a bit easier by allowing you to track symptoms, medicine taken, and body temperature.

Is the fever going down? Did we give them medicine or not? How much?

Erase all confusion and questions with Sick Log by logging all vital data during what will hopefully be a speedy recovery.

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